Myostat News

November 29 2018
Contours Software updated to V1.0.22
Contours, Myostat's software for creating spline based motion, has been updated to version 1.0.22. This software works with the CM1-C-17L30C-WGL, CM1-C-17S30C-WGL, CM1-C-23L20C-WGL and CM1-C-23S30C-WGL motors.

For more information on Contours, watch this video.

October 16 2018
Belt Drive Actuator Solutions from Myostat
The M Series belt actuators are a new line of modular actuators in 4 different frame sizes. The series' components include ready made solutions for inline and right angle motor mounting, coupling multiple actuators to one drive motor, or mounting the actuators together to make multiple axis gantries.

Unlike Z-Theta systems designed for semiconductor handling, the MX-40 is designed for lifting and rotating larger items, with gearing options to handle higher inertia offset loads. The MX-40 is based on the M40 belt drive actuator providing a T-Slot aluminum body for easy mounting.

April 06 2016
Reliably Automating Blood and Stem Cell Banking
Our UK Distributor, Reliance Precision Limited, recently published that Cool Muscle motors have now been used in 500 Biosafe Sepax systems. The Sepax systems are used for automated adult stem cell banking and cell processing applications. The Biosafe Sepax system is an automated, mobile, closed unit for the efficient and consistent processing of umbilical cord blood, bone marrow, peripheral blood or other cell based products.
February 10 2016
Myostat - Your source for motion
Myostat Motion Control Inc. offers a wide variety of AC servo systems with solutions for medical devices, CNC, semiconductor, and solar industries.More than just components, Myostat provides engineering support to ensure that your robot is a success.
January 10 2017
Myostat at ATX West, Feb. 2018
Visit Myostat and Pacific Technical Products at ATX West, Feb 6-9 in sunny California.
Booth 3977

August 17 2015
Myostat is now ISO 9001:2008 certified
Myostat Motion Control Inc. is pleased to announced that it is now certified under ISO9001:2008 by Interconformity.
June 18 2015
iSense 3D scanner for the iPhone
Turn your iPhone into a powerful 3D scanner!
Interested in capturing 3D data quickly and easily in a mobile environment? The new iSense for iPhone provides a powerful solution at an affordable price.

June 18 2015
3D Printers and Support from Myostat
Myostat is excited to off the Makerbot line of 3D printers. Our engineers can demonstrate how to turn your CAD models into working physical objects and explain which printer may be best for your business.
October 24 2014
New T-Bot and H-Bot Gantry Systems - Linear Robotics Line
Myostat Motion Control Inc. couples the new T-Bot TBG-12 and H-bot HBG-12 with the Cool Muscle integrated motor systems, providing complete 3 axis core X-Y and cartesian X-Y-Z gantry systems for pick and place, fastening, dispensing and cutting applications.
October 23 2014
DEX 2014 - Mississauga
Once again Myostat will be at DEX 2014, this time in Mississauga. Come visit us on Oct 28th at the Mississauga Convention Centre!

September 17 2014
Advanced Manufacturing Expo
Come and join us at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo in Toronto, Sept. 23-24 2014.
This year's show will include Rapid, the additive manufacturing and 3D show for the first time.
We have free passes, just ask!

February 25 2014
Cool Muscle CM2 High Inertia Mis-match Demo
The team at Myostat Motion Control pulled together this quick reply to a challenge from one of our partners. Their request was for a motor solution that would run at 18 inches per second and handle an inertia mis-match of 18:1.
September 11 2013
Integrated Actuators for Tight Spaces
Captive screw actuators serve an important role in machines with tight space constraints, for guidance, and for short stroke positioning.

A new integrated captive screw actuator is available from with a variety of interface types: Step/Direction, RS-232, Analog, and CAN2.0B

Strokes range from .25 inch to 2 inch, with a variety of screw pitches.

Go to to learn more.

July 16 2013
Updated SR Joint Brochure Now Available
Formatted for increased legibility, our new brochure features technical specifications, usage guidelines and dimensions for the SR Joint manufactured by Hephaist Seiko in Japan under ISO:2008 certification.
July 05 2013
Record Breaking!
On Friday, June 28 2013, Luis Omar Viera of the New Buffalo Shirt Factory used M&R's high performance Challenger III D automatic screen printing press, powered by Myostat's Cool Muscle II, to set a new world record of 2139 T-Shirts screen printed in one hour by a single operator.

April 10 2013
Thank you for dropping by
Thanks to everyone who visited us at the ATX Show in March. The show provided us with a great opportunity to showcase the Cool Muscle all-in-one servo system and demonstrate some closed loop force feed back applications. If you missed us, give us a call and we'll be happy to provide you with all the information you need.
February 26 2013
We'll be at ATX South!
Please stop by the Florida Motion Control Booth (#902) and ask for Alexa Loiskandl. She'll be at the show March 6th and 7th and will be showcasing the Cool Muscle all-in-one servo system.
February 06 2013
Come See Us At ATX West
Myostat Motion Control will be at the Automation Technology Expo in Anaheim California from February 12 to the 14. Visit us at booth 4391 where we will be demonstrating our Serial Digital Servo Press and introducing our new Hypoid Right Angle Gearboxes.

January 16 2013
Backlash & Kinematic Error Testing
By pairing our fully closed loop Cool Muscle motor with the new HY series Hypoid right angle gearbox Myostat has created two Gearbox-Motor assemblies. Prior to release we created a test rig allowing us to connect the output of our new motor-gearbox assembly to a second motor with an encoder and a resolution of 50,000 pulses per revolution. Click through for additional product information and illustrated test results.

December 20 2012
Alpha-Bot Soup
In this article, originally written for Design Engineering, Alexa Loiskandl examines the basic coordinate and speed transformations engineers need to take advantage of the unique mechanical advantages offered by T-Bot and H-Bot systems.
November 07 2012
Choosing The Right Motor
With so many variables to consider, it is no wonder many designers find it difficult to choose the right motor for their application and often overlook critical criteria along the way. In this article, originally written for Design Engineering magazine, Alexa Loiskandl outlines a check list to help ensure all parameters are considered.

October 24 2012
Bell Innovation Award
Myostat Motion Control was honoured to accept The Bell Innovation Award from the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday, October 17th.
August 15 2012
Serial Servo Digital Presses
Hand driven press assemblies present challenges when attempting to accurately measure or replicate results in production or quality control processes. In contrast, servo driven digital presses are able to provide accurate, consistent and repeatable results while outputting trackable data. In this brief, originally written for Medical Tech Briefs, Mark McCann explores the benefits of serial servo digital presses for force gauge applications.

July 26 2012
Proven Pairing
Recently, Myostat was asked to specify a motor and gearbox for a new client. Their application, a lighting aperture, had very specific size and performance considerations and we worked with them to determine their unique size, torque and speed requirements.
July 25 2012
Special pricing on Standard SR Joint has now expired
This offer has now expired. Check back often for more great savings and don't hesitate to contact us. Myostat offers a full range of motion control products and we are happy to work with you to select the best products for your budget.

September 06 2012
5% Off Suruga Precision Stages - OFFER NOW EXPIRED
This offer has now expired. Check back often for more great savings and don't hesitate to contact us. Myostat offers a full range of motion control products and we are happy to work with you to select the best products for your budget.
June 12 2012
Special Limited Time Pricing!
12% OFF STANDARD SR JOINTS - Myostat is pleased to offer P grade spherical rolling joints from Hephaist at 12% off standard list price. This limited time pricing applies to sizes 004 to 024 and is available only until July 31, 2012.

May 30 2012
Position Feedback Components
While most motion control systems can work with either resolvers or encoders to monitor shaft position, they are not interchangeable. Many engineers are unfamiliar with resolver electronics and opt for an optical encoder as a default. In this article, originally written for Design Engineering Magazine, Mark McCann discusses the basic operation and technological updates of both position feedback components.
May 29 2012
Congratulations University of Akron
Myostat congratulations the University of Akron electrical and computer engineering students on their third place win at the 2012 RoboGames in San Mateo, California. The 'Kicking' robots, made possible with help from the CM1 integrated motors and Macron slides, were a great success and the Akron team was impressed with the quality and precision of the Cool Muscle paired with the Macron PSCs.

February 08 2012
Three Axis Range of Motion
The engineers at Myostat were recently asked to participate in the design and build of a 3 axis system for a dynamic signage system. The client challenged us to meet their expected range of motion and ensure that each axis could handle the inertia of the display at the required speed.
February 08 2012
Stepping Up
While the more expensive AC synchronous motor (servo motor) is often specified for high performance motion control applications, Mark McCann discusses the advantages of using a stepper motor in this article written for Design Engineering Magazine.
November 18 2011
New TBL mini Series Catalogue
Myostat Motion Control announces the publication of the new TBL mini Series Catalogue, formatted for quick product reference, easy to research specifications and features graphed torque speed characteristics.

Myostat is proud to add this catalogue to our list of customer resources.

October 28 2011
SMC VS PID Feedback Control
Earlier this year, Myostat Motion Control Inc. was asked by a Southern-Ontario manufacturer to increase the consistency of their automated assembly equipment. In this article, written for Design Engineering, we examine Sliding Mode Control and its advantages over the more common PID feedback control.
September 15 2011
Big Power in a Small Package
Myostat Motion Control is proud to offer the new TBL mini servos with robust encoders, perfect for medical devices and small automated tooling.
October 13 2010
Introducing Tamagawa
Myostat is proud to introduce Tamagawa's Network Servo System to the North American market. Designed with resolvers for harsh environments, a high speed networking architecture and integrated brake options, the SV-NET provides optimal performance and a rich variety of commands in a compact and reliable servo system. Call us today to schedule a demonstration.