Cool Muscle

Congratulations University of Akron


Myostat congratulates the University of Akron electrical and computer engineering students on their third place win at the 2012 RoboGames in San Mateo, California. The 'Kicking' robots, made possible with help from CMI integrated motors and Macron slides, were a great success and the Akron team was impressed with the quality and precision of the Cool Muscle paired with the Macron PSCs.

From microscope actuators with 5mm of stroke to belt drive systems capable of 5m of stroke, Myostat offers a wide range of Cool Muscle integrated actuators based on ball screws, lead screws, belt drives and rack & pinion assemblies. Rod style actuators with force rating up to 2000lbF are also bundled with both CM1 and CM2 servo systems.

The RoboGames showcase the innovation and skills of professional and student electrical and computer engineers from around the world.

Visit our YouTube page to see the Foosbot in action.