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Myostat Motion Control is an automation distributer that provides a full range of motion control options. Offering quality components including integrated servo and stepper motors to a full range of actuators, Myostat has the solution that fits. From initiation to implementation, Myostat will work with you to find the right component or complete actuation solution for your application.

As an automation distributer we specialize in high precision motion control products and pair these with exceptional engineering support. From designing and implementing custom electronics, software and touch panel interfaces, Myostat is committed to providing outstanding customer service.

With incomparable technical support for motion control, Myostat is the answer to your complex automation problems.


Cool Muscle Integrated Servo

Cool Muscle Integrated Servo System

The Cool Muscle line ranges from 28mm to 60mm frame sizes. Cool Muscle systems combine the motor. drive, controller, and encoder, and offer a wide range of interface options.

All Cool Muscles are intelligent programmable motion modules with the capability to operate on their own, or in a network. Onboard I/O allows for the connection of limit sensors, analog sensors, or signals from a PLC.





Tamagawa AC Servo

Tamagwa Seiki TBL-i and SV-NET AC Servos and Drives

Tamagwa produces a wide range of motors with frame sizes ranging from 14.5mm up to 220mm, with IP65 and brake options. The new TBL-i IV line of servos offer reduce weight and space savings, while adding new 23bit serial encoders for ultra high resolution motion control. Coupled with the SV-NET networkable drives, Tamagawa can provide a servo solution for any axis on your machine.





Pronet AC Servo and drive

Estun Pronet and Pronet-E AC Servo Systems

The Pronet line of drives and servos range from 50w to 22kW, with IP65 and brake options. Encoder resolutions range from 2500ppr to 20bit serial encoders. Pronet drive's interface options include EtherCAT, POWERLINK, Profinet, MODBUS, CANopen, and Step/Direction, providing a wide range of industry standard interfaces for third party controller compatibility.






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