Cool Muscle

CM1 Industrial Interface Options

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Industrial Interfaces for the CM1 380.00 kB Dec 09, 2009 Industrial Interfaces for the CM1
Robust Industrial Interfaces for the CM1 line of Cool Muscle Integrated Servos

Myostat Motion Control Inc. has developed a line of robust industrial interfaces for the CM1 line of Cool Muscle integrated servos.

These interfaces enhance communications while also providing more robust connector options for applications where exposed equipment, vibration, or motion are a concern to long term reliability.

Current interface options include:


Muscle corporation EtherCAT Bridge

EtherCAT Bridge

Muscle Corporation has released a 4 axis EtherCAT bridge, allowing CM1 and CM2 motors to operate on an EtherCAT network.

Click here for more information.


Robust Connectors -RBST

CANopen -CAN and DeviceNet -DNT

The robust connector option provides 2 or 3 M9 connectors with direct passthrough to the motor. The physical layout is the same as the -CAN2 and -CAN3D.


  • 2 pin connector for 24Vdc
  • -CAN2 provides Inputs 1, 2, & 4, Output 1, and 5Vdc out.
  • -CAN3D provides access to all I/O and is setup for daisy chain networking.





Ethernet TCP/IP (-IPX) / Modbus TCP (-MBT)

Ethernet TCP/IP (-IPX)

Myostat's Ethernet implementation handles standard TCP/IP communications across standard ethernet networks.

  • TCP/IP communications, CM1 Cool Muscle to PC/Controller via RJ45.
  • Positive lock 2 pin 24Vdc power & 10 pin I/O & Daisy Chain connectors.
  • Daisy chain motor network via I/O connector.
  • Virtualized COM port driver available at

Ethernet/IP (-EIP)

The -EIP interface provides the same physical interface as the -IPX interface, however the protocol is based on Ethernet/IP.

Reference documentation can be found in the documents section.