Reliance News

April 20 2010
New Reduced Pricing
Myostat is pleased to offer Reli-a-Flex couplings in preferred sizes at a new lower cost. The Reli-a-Flex range of one piece couplings have been specifically designed to provide an extremely accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts.

Most standard combinations are in stock and available for immediate shipping. Contact us today to take advantage of this new reduced pricing.

February 17 2010
Minimize Torque Fluctuations
Minimize torque fluctuations with Reli-a-Flex's unique patented double slit pattern.

While mirror image slit patterns may look similar, the pivot points move in and out and the centre piece angle varies causing stress variation and less uniform rotation. By smoothing the transition of torque from slit to slit as the coupling rotates, Reli-a-Flex couplings introduce negligible axial and radial bearing loads - increasing bearing life and accuracy.

January 26 2010
Small Size Translates To Big Performance
The micro line of couplings was specially designed to meet the demands of modern miniature high speed motors. Available in 6, 8, and 10mmOD sizes with accepting shafts as small as 1.5mmOD. These micro-sized couplings are chambered for ease of assembly and fitted with stainless steel screws. The unique design maximizes torsional stiffness without inducing high bearing loads.

All Reli-a-Flex couplings provide excellent kinematic transfer of motion with high torsional stiffness, zero backlash and constant velocity.

July 08 2009
Engineered to Perform
With the high integrity and ever more demanding applications that are daily facing engineers, the correct selection of system components is becoming increasingly important.

Shaft couplings are a crucial part of motion control assemblies. They are designed to provide accurate motion between two shafts where a small amount of mis-alignment exists. Failure of these couplings can have a catastrophic effect on the parent machine, in the form of a total loss of drive or position sensing.