High Torsional Stiffness

Torsional stiffness is the resistance to relative rotation of the driving shaft position with respect to the driven shaft position under an applied torque.  High Torsional stiffness contributes to increased accuracy and system response, more stiffness means less error, particularly when driving a load.  In addition, with radial rather than spiral beams, the centre piece is better supported and higher speeds are attained. >> more information

Low Kinematic Error

Based on the double Hooke's joint principle, using two sets of slits and a solid centre piece, the Reli-a-Flex coupling achieves the lowest theoretical kinematic error.  The second set of slits introduces an equal and opposite angle which allows it to cater to parallel as well as angular offsets. >> more information

Accurate Transmission of Motion

The Reli-a-Flex range of one piece couplings is specifically designed to provide exceptionally accurate transfer of motion between two rotating shafts while, at the same time, catering to parallel and angular misalignments.

This accurate transfer of motion is accomplished by using a unique patented double slit pattern that gives very high torsional stiffness and excellent reliability.  In addition, and unlike some spiral beam couplings, the Reli-a-Flex coupling introduces negligible radial and axial bearing loads. >> more information

Long Life

Tested to 50,000,000 fatigue cycles, at its rated torque and 80% maximum offset, the Reli-a-Flex coupling outperforms all other one piece couplings on the market and gives predictable performance. >> more information