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October 24 2014
New T-Bot and H-Bot Gantry Systems - Linear Robotics Line
Myostat Motion Control Inc. couples the new T-Bot TBG-12 and H-bot HBG-12 with the Cool Muscle integrated motor systems, providing complete 3 axis core X-Y and cartesian X-Y-Z gantry systems for pick and place, fastening, dispensing and cutting applications.
February 27 2014
New Higher Force CSR-17 Integrated Actuator
Myostat Motion Control has released a new, higher force CSR-17 actuator as part of the CS-17 line of integrated actuators.
February 27 2014
Mark's Moment on the Actuator
We recently demonstrated the target speed at over 1000:1, direct drive on a belt system. With Mark wobbing around on the carriage of the belt drive, likely the actual inertia seen by the motor was far greater.
December 20 2012
Alpha-Bot Soup
In this article, originally written for Design Engineering, Alexa Loiskandl examines the basic coordinate and speed transformations engineers need to take advantage of the unique mechanical advantages offered by T-Bot and H-Bot systems.
September 07 2012
5% Off Suruga Precision Stages - OFFER NOW EXPIRED
This offer has now expired. Check back often for more great savings and don't hesitate to contact us. Myostat offers a full range of motion control products and we are happy to work with you to select the best products for your budget.
May 29 2012
Congratulations University of Akron
Myostat congratulates the University of Akron electrical and computer engineering students on their third place win at the 2012 RoboGames in San Mateo, California. The 'Kicking' robots, made possible with help from CM1 integrated motors and Macron slides, were a great success and the Akron team was impressed with the quality and precision of the Cool Muscle paired with the Macron PSCs
February 15 2012
RRAD23 Dual Rack Actuator
The RRAD23 offers opposing, reciprocating racks up to 500mm long in a space efficient design. Contact Myostat Motion Control for more information on this new mechatronic assembly.
February 08 2012
Three Axis Range of Motion
The engineers at Myostat were recently asked to participate in the design and build of a 3 axis system for a dynamic signage system. The client challenged us to meet their expected range of motion and ensure that each axis could handle the inertia of the display at the required speed.
February 17 2010
Integrated Load Cell Actuators
Myostat Motion Control is now proud to provide ready-made solutions for testing and assembly applications requiring precise force/torque control.

Complete with everything from the load cell through the mechanical actuator to the controller and requiring only serial communication and 24 volt power, this complete solution is ideal for light assembly and touch screen quality control.

Faster and more accurate than systems that monitor current draw, Myostat's integrated load cell actuators are available in a variety of mechanical configurations.

January 26 2010
Precision Stages
Myostat proudly carries the CAVE-X line of precision stages offering a new level of ease and integration to OEMs and researchers.

With the precision of much smaller cross roller stages, the CAVE-X provides longer strokes without compromising positioning accuracy or delivery times. Coupled with easy to use Cool Muscle integrated servos, multi-axis systems are vastly simplified by removing both control and drive boxes.

These high-performance stages can be combined into a number of different XY, XZ and XYZ and gantry configurations.

July 29 2009
THK now at Myostat
Myostat Motion Control now sells and supports a complete line of linear motor systems from THK. Available in a wide variety of sizes and forces, each linear motor comes complete with a carriage fully supported by a linear bearing system and matched drives.