SR Joint - Precision and Rigidity

SR Joint Precision and Rigidity

The SR Joint is a unique solution for machine builders that require high precision in a true 2 degree-of-freedom spherical mechanism. As an extremely low friction precision replacement for universal joints or high pre-load ball joints, the SR Joint offers 2.5um or 1um of run-out with the motion characteristics you would expect from a caged ball bearing assembly.

Image Quality Labs

Parallel manipulators, mostly hex-a-pods, make up the majority of SR Joint installations. However for Image Quality Labs, the SR Joint became a key component in their new Hand Tremor Simulator. After multiple design iterations, implementing the SR Joint gave Image Quality Labs the stability and accuracy needed to achieve their system's design requirements.

Coupling the vibration platform to voice coils through multiple SR Joints provided back-lash free transmission of the desired motion profile, allowing the Hand Tremor Simulator to produce highly repeatable test conditions. This results in accurate, consistent data plots across multiple tests.