Three Axis Range of Motion


The engineers at Myostat were recently asked to participate in the design and build of a 3 axis system for a dynamic signage system. The client challenged us to meet their expected range of motion and  ensure that each axis could handle the inertia of the display at the required speed.   

To meet this challenge we designed a system where the first two axes are part of a single belt drive T-bot.  Theses two main motors function like an etch-sketch. Using opposite motion to drive the carriage up or down, or  turning together to move the carriage back and forth.  Using coordinated motion between the two motors we were able to create arc shaped movement across a X-Z plane.

An additional actuator and motor were placed on top of the T-Bot arm to create the third Y axis.  This motor moves the actuator carriage back and forth while the bottom of the display is secured to the X axis and pivots on a bearing.  Running the top motor  out of synch with the main movement of the mechanism creates a random effect and the end result is a large sign “waving” back and forth.

Macron Dynamics, who designed the frame and provided the t-bot belt drive and actuators, were our partners on this job.  In order to handle a 5 ft x 5.5 ft metal sign weighing approximately 50 pounds we utilized 3 CM1 23L20 motors with 10:1 LS-060 planetary gearboxes, with one functioning as the controller and PLC for all 3 motors. 



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