Cool Muscle

Cool Muscle CM1 Automated Programming Station

Cool Muscle Programming

The programming station is an internal project we undertook to automate some of the preparation work we do in house on our CM1 line of Cool Muscle motors. Automation of this process provides Myostat Motion Control with verifiable quality control and removes manual labor from the most time consuming portion of the motor preparation process.

The system consists of an X-Y-X gantry with a yawing gripper end-effector, and two independent X stages. There are two control networks in the system, using USB and motor to motor daisy chain networks. Input power runs into the first motor on each chain and then serial communications and power are both transferred through the same cable for the remainder of the motors in the chain using our SRL interfaces. The HMI consists of a Windows PC and custom software that runs the machine while also programming and testing the motors.

The hardware used in this application included 9 Cool Muscle servos with SRL interfaces, our RLAS right angle gearhead, PA and RL linear actuators, RRA Racktuators, and our RRAD-G gripper.