Cool Muscle

What Is Cool Muscle?


The Cool Muscle line of servo motors provides all the common components required for motion control embedded into the motor itself.  The seamless integration of both software and hardware components create highly efficient motion modules that can be easily integrated into existing designs, or used to shorten the development cycle of your new machine.  

The Cool Muscle outperforms traditional servo and stepper systems by virtue of the controller's multiple closed feedback loops with the driver and high resolution encoder.  Short wire lengths reduce susceptibility to EMI and noise while removing servo and encoder cables that often add considerable cost, inventory and complexity.  On-board PLC functionality also reduces machine component count and costs, and allows for modern, elegant machine design.  A variety of industrial buses are available for communications and networking with third party host controllers. 

The Cool Muscle is comprised of two distinct series.  The CM1 is a high performance closed loop servo system based on high torque stepper motors, providing a high torque density package for applications such as pick and place, guiding, dispensing and medical research.  The CM2 is based on high speed AC servo motors with high wattages and expanded I/O capabilities, suitable for applications requiring higher running speeds or additional torque through gearing.  The CM2 provides the additional benefit of having an integrated AC power supply, compatible with most global voltage standards.

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