SR Joint Applied to Walking Robot


Takanishi Laboratory, Department of Engineering, Waseda University

WL-16RIII (Waseda Leg-No.16 Refined III) is "Man boarding type two-legs waking robot" that Waseda University with the history of the  two-legs waking robot development that extends for 30 years or more cooperates with Tmsuk and is developed.

Development is done as a pure research for two achievement of the walking type chair for the senior citizen and walking trouble where the stairs and the slope outside the room can be moved as for WL-16RIII, and the research content is various from the design of the mechanism to the development of the device and the research of the walking stabilization control algorithm.

WL-16 succeeds in walking a man around inside, 2003.
WL-16RII walks a man up stairs for the first time, 2005.
WL-16RIII has succeeded in walking on outdoor road carrying a person.