Hephaist News

September 16 2016
SR Joint - Precision and Rigidity
For Image Quality Labs, the SR Joint became a key component in their new Hand Tremor Simulator. After multiple design iterations, implementing the SR Joint gave Image Quality Labs the stability and accuracy needed to achieve their system's design requirements.
July 16 2013
Updated SR Joint Brochure Now Available
Formatted for increased legibility, our new brochure features technical specifications, usage guidelines and dimensions for the SR Joint manufactured by Hephaist Seiko in Japan under ISO:2008 certification.
July 25 2012
Special pricing on Standard SR Joint has now expired
This offer has now expired. Check back often for more great savings and don't hesitate to contact us. Myostat offers a full range of motion control products and we are happy to work with you to select the best products for your budget.
June 12 2012
Special Limited Time Pricing
12% OFF STANDARD SR JOINTS - Myostat Motion Control is pleased to offer P grade spherical rolling joints from Hephaist at 12% off standard list price. This limited time pricing applies to sizes 004 to 024 and is only available until July 31, 2012.

January 26 2010
Low Friction High Performance Ball Joints
Myostat proudly offers low friction, 1 um backlash high precision ball joints.

Hephaist's Spherical Rolling Joint provides a high precision and rigid ball joint for demanding parallel robotics and photonics applications. The center globe is assembled under pre-load conditions resulting in a smooth, consistent rocking motion with extremely low frictional resistance, and zero clearance.

For over forty-years, Hephaist has been at the forefront of research and development on linear motion mechanisms and bearing surface treatments. Providing high levels of accuracy and stiffness, they have built a reputation for developing cutting edge technology to answer the demanding needs of the linear and bearing market.

July 08 2009
Grease Options for the SR Joint
The SR Joint now comes with 4 grease options.
Vacuum fluorinated vacuum grease FOMBLIN Grease (Ausimont)
Clean room low dust generation grease AFF Grease (THK)
Minute strokes fretting resistant grease AFC Grease (THK)
Lithium grease ,AFB Grease (THK)

When ordering, please indicate the preferred lubricant for your application.

July 08 2009
Waseda University looks to the SR Joint for Robotic Chair Development
Takanishi Laboratory, Department of Engineering, Waseda University

WL-16RIII (Waseda Leg-No.16 Refined III) is "Man boarding type two-legged walking robot" that Waseda University has developed. With the history of two-legged walking robot development that extends for 30 years or more, Waseda University continues to push the boundaries of robotic assistance.