R Series Features

Designed for versatility, the right angle structure features an aluminium alloy housing for the highest stiffness and components made from hardened high strength steel are reliable under the most severe conditions.  All grease filled gear head can be used in any orientation without resulting in messy oil leaks and the unique wear resistance surface treatment on the helical bevel gears ensures high durability.

All R Series gearboxes are pre-matched for Cool Muscle servos and emply helical cut bevel gears for smooth, quiet motion.  Frame sizes range from 42mm to 90 mm with a diverse range of output styles sure to fit your next machine.  Models are available in both single and dual output variations, in both long and short body lengths.  The shaft input interface uses dual bearings to increase both radial and axial loading capability.

Modifications to both the motor input flange and the gearbox output dimensions are available by request.


R Series Right-Angle Gearbox Cutaway