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Control Room - The Cool Muscle Programming Interface

Control Room - The Cool Muscle Programming Interface


Control Room is the new software interface for the Cool Muscle line of integrated servo motors. Designed and tested to be compliant with 64 bit Windows operating systems, Control Room provides access to all the Cool Muscle functions and features and adds new scripting language for programming your complex tasks.   Control Room replaces Cool Works as the modern I.D.E. (Integrated Development Environment) providing a modern standards compliant software interface. 

Installation of Control Room is quick and easy.  First, double click on the Control Room set up, the pop up wizard will then walk you through the complete installation.  Once installation is complete the Control Room Icon will appear on your desktop and in the start menu.  

Features include:

  • Direct control over the motor through the Terminal view.  Through this window you can query the motor through a single line command and view the data going to and coming from the motor.
  • Through the Graph Window  users are able to plot critical items of data on the motor including position, torque and speed.  An option is also available to plot a custom variable which can be either streamed from the motor or polled.
  • The Cool Muscle Language (CML) Window can be used to create full CML scripts to run the motor. This window can also be used to load multi-line programs for testing.  CML is the base language of the motor and understanding CML is critical to writing an effective program.
  • The Motor Control Window provides users with the ability to run and query the motor through a series of predefined command buttons which can be run independently through the terminal window.
  • The Motor Reset Window provides users the opportunity to reset all the parameters of the motor to its factory settings.

Control Room works with all CM1 and CM2 Cool Muscle integrated servo motors.