Servo Gearbox News Items

September 29 2017
2017 Gear Catalog released
Myostat is pleased to release the complied 2017 Gear Catalog, containing our old favourites and new additions.
Of particular interest are the new high volume, low cost EL planetary gearboxes with sintered gears, and the new Helical Inline gearboxes that include a robotic flange style.

February 27 2014
DEX 2014 Vancouver
The team from Myostat Motion Control will be manning the booth at the Vancouver DEX show this May 6th in Coquitlam.
April 10 2013
Thank you for dropping by
Thanks to everyone who visited us at the ATX Show in March. The show provided us with a great opportunity to showcase the Cool Muscle all-in-one servo system and demonstrate some closed loop force feed back applications. If you missed us, give us a call and we'll be happy to provide you with all the information you need
February 06 2013
Come See Us At ATX West
Myostat Motion Control will be at the Automation Technology Expo in Anaheim California from February 12 to the 14. Visit us at booth 4391 where we will be demonstrating our Serial Digital Servo Press and introducing our new Hypoid Right Angle Gearboxes.
January 16 2013
Backlash & Kinematic Error Testing
By pairing our fully closed loop Cool Muscle motor with the new HY series Hypoid right angle gearbox Myostat has created two Gearbox-Motor assemblies. Prior to release we created a test rig allowing us to connect the output of our new motor-gearbox assembly to a second motor with an encoder and a resolution of 50,000 pulses per revolution. Click through for additional product information and illustrated test results.
July 26 2012
Proven Pairing
Recently, Myostat was asked to specify a motor and gearbox for a new client. Their application, a lighting aperture, had very specific size and performance considerations and we worked with them to determine their unique size, torque and speed requirements.
July 11 2012
Introducing our new HY Series Right Angle Gearboxes
Myostat is pleased to introduce the NEW HY series Hypoid right angle gearboxes. Suitable for input torques between 76 N-CM and 357 N-CM these high efficiency gearboxes offer a high gear ratio in a small footprint.
January 26 2010
Rotary Stages with Quiet Helical Bevel Gears
The RLFS rotary stage provides a cost effective motor driven system that fits NEMA 17, 23, 34 or 40, 60 and 90mm servo systems. The quiet helical gears provide higher efficiency when compared to a traditional worm drive system and deliver 6arc/minute backlash for a fraction of the price of traditional rotary stages.
July 29 2009
Myostat Offers The New RAFS-060
Myostat Motion Control now offers the RAFS-060, the choice for cost conscious applications with a large enough space envelope. The RAFS-060 provides a geared rotary stage solution to fit most motors.
September 22 2009
Cost Effective Rotary Stages
Myostat proudly offers cost effective Rotary stages. This right angle, rotary stage style helical gearbox delivers 6 arc/minute backlash at half the price of other rotary stages. Available in 42mm, 60mm and 90mm a solution is available to fit most motors.

Whether you`re looking for a single component or a complete solution, Myostat will work with you to choose the right product for the job.